Archivi Sartoriali Srl is a company manifacturing clothing and accessories specialized in the product research and development rigorously Made in Italy. The company in based in Prato and in continual expansion thanks to entrepreneurship, capacity and professionally of its team.
Tha professional team allows the company to offer its customers the very highest standard of quality and respond to all business needs oh its customers: trend`s research an proposal of styles following the customer`s target.
Today the company that experiment with passion fabrics, garments, using high tecnology`s machines and in the same time exclusive hand working.
Archivi Sartoriali is proud to realize clothing and accessories for importan international brands. Each stage of the prototype development is carried out whitin our company, while the industrial production is outsourced through a selected network of high-quality suppliers. About 90% of them are smal and medium-size companies based in Italy.
  • Trend research
  • Material research
  • Sample coordination
  • Sample technical assistance
  • Graphic model paper processing and drawing sheets
  • Prototypes realization
  • Sample realization
  • Production
  • Man jacket and coat
  • Man suit
  • Man trouser
  • Man shirt
  • Man knit garment
  • Man leather garments
  • Outerwear garments
  • Woman jacket and coat
  • Woman tailleur
  • Woman dress
  • Woman leather garments
Services and Products
Garments Production
Made to measure
Made to measure
Actually in the market of Luxury, the attention is concentrate on the sartorial quality and in particular on the `made to measure`. It`s a small but profitable and extremely promising segment, also on the emerging markets, attracted initially only by the brands but now more and more careful to the `real` quality of the products, trends that appear destined to also grow for the woman, because in the luxury today the winning key is called `personalization`.
It`s our strong convinction that the made to measure for man and woman will be one of the `leit-motiv` of the next years and if someone feels some doubts about it, the last movements of the great brands seems to be the best confirmation.
Fabrics collection
The long experience of our team as designer and producer of fabrics permits to select the best fabrics from the best mill around the world. We have the possibility to recommend to our costumers the best fabric solution for the production of their garments. Infact the final good result for a garment comes from the right combination between a great style with the right fabrics, all combined with a good quality of stitchcing.
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